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DejaVu Keyboard allows you to type faster, recalling words, phrases, and even whole paragraphs by typing just a few letters from anywhere within the text you wish to recall. Whether you only recall the beginning and ending letters of a word or phrase, any subset of letters will allow you to quickly refine and predict the text you wish to recall. This form of partial typing, or shorthand, is a powerful feature which no other keyboard offers.

While DejaVu Keyboard is great for non-native English speakers, children, elderly, as well as people with typing difficulties, it is also great for anyone typing on digital keyboards found on many device interfaces, and besides running as a free downloadable app on iOS, Windows, and Android systems, the system can also be customized for device or software interface applications anywhere.

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Key Features

DejaVu Keyboard provides not only all the functions of your regular keyboard, but also three outstanding key features.

1. Skip Letter Typing (Predict Word)

Skip unremembered/unimportant letters in word typing!

You can enter letters at the beginning, middle or end of the word, or according to easy to remember rules, such as entering the first letter of each syllable.



    Type the beginning letter(s) and some following letter(s) of a word, skipping unimportant letters, or type the first letter of the syllables of a word.

    (1) Type the beginning letter(s) and some following letter(s) of a word.

    e.g. bucy -> bureaucracy

    (2) Type the first letter of each syllable of a word.

    e.g. pldp -> Philadelphia

SkipSmart™ Word Prediction

SkipSmart™ Word Prediction

2. Initials Typing (Predict Memo)

Type initial letters of some words to recall a paragraph in Memo.

DejaVu Keyboard allows you to rapid recall text by typing only the first letters of words in the Memo which is a special clipboard of predefined (stored) text clips that are user defined and editable.


    Type initial letters of some words!

    e.g. iml -> I have a meeting now, I will call you later.

Initials Typing for Memo

Initials Typing for Memo

Patented Technology

  • DejaVu Keyoard is Powered by DejaVu SkipSmart™ Prediction Technology.
  • DejaVu SkipSmart™ Prediction Technology is patented in US and many other countries.


Save Enormous Amounts of Time !

  • Help mobile users type faster and more efficiently.
  • Save time typing names, emails, addresses, titles, phrases, and paragraphs.
  • Can be optimized for data retrieval needs, especially for lawyers, doctors, and other professionals.

Overcome Typing Difficulties !

  • Tremendous help to non-native speakers, children, the elderly, or anyone else who have difficulty typing quickly.

Target Customers

  1. Consumers (mobile users, professionals, lawyers, doctors, typists, non-native speakers, children, elderly, etc.).
  2. Device manufacturers (TVs, smart phones, telematics/GPS, disability aids, or other devices requiring digital keyboard inputs).
  3. Enterprise or Service providers who need to search for names, emails, address, titles, medicines, dictionary, or produce a lot of text.